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  1. What is the UPMC MyHealth Connect mobile web application?
    • UPMC MyHealth Connect is a Web-based mobile application that can be accessed from most smartphones, including iPhones, Blackberrys, Android, and Palm devices.
    • UPMC MyHealth Connect is compatible with many Web browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 & 8, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.
  2. How do I make UPMC MyHealth Connect a shortcut on my smartphone?
    • Navigating to the UPMC Health Plan Provider Directory is easy with the UPMC MyHealth Connect web shortcut. From your smartphone access UPMC MyHealth Connect at
      • For Blackbery Users:
        To install, click on the icon under the word Blackberry. You will be prompted to add the download of the shortcut icon to your device. After installation, you will see the selected icon on your mobile phone or in Applications or Downloads folder. After installation, you will see the UPMC MyHealth Connect icon on your mobile phone or in the applications or downloads folder.
        There is no software to download, and it is free to use. You can also access and bookmark UPMC MyHealth Connect at
      • For Android Users:
        To install, click on the icon under the words Android. You will be prompted to add the download of the shortcut icon to your device. After installalling, you will see the selected icon in your applications folder listed in alphabetical order or at the end of the list. If you are having difficulty downloading the shortcut icon, please visit Android phones can also bookmark UPMC MyHealth Connect. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to bookmark.
      • For iPhone Users:
        From the UPMC MyHealth Connect Web site, press the + sign. Choose "Add to home screen." Click "Add" on the confirmation screen. The icon will automatically be added to your mobile home page.
      • Other smartphone devices:
        For smartphones not listed above, please refer to your smartphone instructions on how to book mark this Web application. We have also added a classic view to our mobile web application for a more simplified view of our provider directory.
  3. What features does UPMC MyHealth Connect have?
    • The UPMC MyHealth Connect application has a full directory of UPMC Health Plan physicians, hospitals, facilities, and urgent care centers. Information provided includes the providers’ contact information and specialty, plans accepted, and maps of office locations. Some providers may not accept all types of UPMC Health Plan insurance. Please click on the View Plans Accepted link in the provider section to see if your plan is accepted.
  4. How does the network search function work?
    • To search the UPMC Health Plan network, press the Search Network button on the home page. There you will see four categories:
      • Doctors:
        Search by Last Name, Zip Code, Type of Provider, or Specialty
      • Hospitals/Facilities:
        Search by Name of Hospital/Facility, Zip Code, or Services Provided
      • Pharmacies:
        Search by Name of Pharmacy, Zip Code, or Retail Chain
      • Urgent Care Centers:
        Search by Name of Urgent Care Center or Zip Code
  5. Do I have to be a member to access the network directory?
    • No. UPMC MyHealth Connect is free and available to members and non-members. In 2011, UPMC MyHealth Connect will offer more benefits and accessibility to members through a secure log-in application.
  6. What if I have feedback or questions about the UPMC MyHealth Connect application?
    • We are very interested in hearing from our members. We've included a Tell Us Your Opinion link on the home page. You can also contact our Member Advocate program at the number listed in the Contact Us section.